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A Parent's Guide to Google Classroom (a helpful set of instructions) 
Each teacher is available to answer questions or offer assistance daily (the hours each teacher is available is shown below). You may contact the teacher via email by clicking on his/her name.
Kindergarten:  Mrs. Dorchik 12:30-2 PM Mrs.Hitchins 10-11:30 AM  
Grade 1  Miss Haar 10-12:00 PM Mrs. Hargraves 11-12:30 PM
Ms. Hilario 1-2:30 PM  
Grade 2 Mrs. Green 10-11:30 AM            
Mrs. Johnson 9-10:30 AM
  Miss Riley 2:30-4 PM      
Grade 3 Mrs. Flis 9-10:30 AM
Mrs. Gill 9-10:30 AM
  Ms. Rejsek 9-10:30 AM
Grade 4 Mr. Dagenais 1:30-3 PM Mrs. Happel 8:30-10 AM,    3-3:30 PM
  Mrs. Stellakis 8:30-10 AM      
Grade 5 Mrs. Cavanagh 2-3:30 PM Mrs. David 9-10:30 AM  
Mrs. Brum ESL Specialist 8:30-10 AM Ms. Carey  Speech    11:30 AM-1 PM
Mrs. Carr Health 9-10:30 AM
Ms. Couto Special Ed.    10:30 AM-12 PM
Mrs. deBarros Special Ed. 8:30-10 AM Mrs. Freitas Reading Specialist     9:00 AM -2 PM
Mrs. Gifford Music 2-3:30 PM Mr. Green
Technology     9-10:30 AM
Mrs. Hoag School Psych. 10-11:30 PM Mrs. Lapriore Nurse    10-11:30 PM
Mrs. McCarthy Special Ed. 9-10:30 AM Mrs. McKinnon Speech    11:30 AM-1 PM
Ms. Moniz Art
1-2:30 PM Ms. Morrow
Math Coach
    9-11:00 AM
Ms. Pavao Music 8:30-10 AM Mrs. Perreira LEAP K-2
    9:30-11 AM
Mrs. Ragonesi Special Ed. 10-11:30 AM Ms. Rausch Music     8 AM - 8 PM
Mrs. Schumann Adj. Counselor 11 AM -12:30 PM Ms. Silva LEAP 3-5     10-11:30 AM
Mrs. St. Germain
Special Ed. 2:30-4 PM Ms. Traghella
Special Ed.     9:30-11 AM
Ms. Vallette PE 1-2:30 PM Mr. Plante Principal     Anytime