Dear Chace Community;
As you are all aware, the Somerset School Department has elected to start our school year off with a fully remote model, phasing in to hybrid learning by the middle of October. While we all want the students in school full time, the school committee and superintendent have tried to balance student learning with safety; with any luck, the Covid-19 pandemic will abate soon.
Precautions have been taken in our school. Hand sanitizer is available for use in every classroom, and students are seated 6 feet from other students, both in the classrooms and at lunch. Our music and PE classes have been reformatted so that there is less chance of any contamination from other students. Students have been broken into separate cohorts, and when in school, bathrooms are monitored to ensure only one student at a time is allowed to use them. All of these changes have been put into place so that students and staff will be able to continue the education that the town of Somerset is so proud of, with as little risk as possible of contamination.
Please check back on this page regularly; when I have new information, it will be posted here.
As always, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
Tim Plante
Chace Principal